rural library initiative

The California State Library's Rural Initiative is an LSTA funded project that directs additional resources to the state's geographically isolated public libraries. The Rural Library Initiative assists the State Library in addressing its own mission, which is: "For all people of the state, free and convenient access to all library resources and services that might enrich their lives, regardless of where they live or of the tax base of their local government." (CA Ed. Code Sec 19701)

Based on a strategic plan for services that is updated regularly, the Rural Initiative continues to address the most critical needs identified by California rural libraries. We attempt to overcome great travel distances as well as severe weather and terrain issues that often impact the ability of remote libraries to participate in training, meetings, and networking opportunities.

The Rural Initiative works closely with Infopeople to provide training to rural libraries in California.  Infopeople also supports the Rural Initiative by providing website hosting, archiving of webcasts and videoconferences, and maintenance of the resource clearinghouse.

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Last updated: January 19, 2011

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