Reflection #1: Awakening to Community Potential


In field research throughout the continental United States, a theme which emerged from Rural Library Service & Social Wellbeing was the importance of contribution and belonging for community health and public library success.

To launch the Evidence-Based No Rules Tools, we thought the best place to start would be guiding you through the process of reflecting on community potential to contribute.

Any form that is completed on goes to the Rural Library Service & Social Wellbeing Research Team. We give permission use options at the end of the online version of the tool, but if you’d rather just print it, here is a .pdf version:

If you haven’t already read the Agreements for Using the No Rules Tools, you can view them here.

When you are done using the tool, please consider evaluating by emailing this .pdf for to us at or simply filling out the Evaluation Form immediately following the tool on this page. Every Wednesday Margo puts the email addresses of everyone who submitted an evaluation form that week into a hat, pulls one, and ships off a $25 Amazon gift card to the lucky winner. It’s worth it!


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To view and use the evaluation form in its own page:

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