Creating Community-Building Events

Primary author: Kate Kosior

I returned to work in my hometown library nearly three years ago.  Exploring my hometown and learning about the rich culture of our area has given me a new appreciation for the beautiful community where I live.

What is in this tool?

  • Reflective questions to help you plan a community-wide event that draws in individuals from various parts of your local community and makes new connections for them. 
  • Steps for planning, executing, and evaluating your own community-building events.

People in rural communities often look to each other as a source of belonging  During interviews with the Rural Libraries Resource Team, residents of rural communities pointed to their libraries as places that help them feel connected to each other through entertainment, information, programming, and fun.

This community building, brings together community members and  strengthens their bonds to each other improving the community wellbeing   Libraries can play a vital role in this endeavor, They can do it in fun, interesting, and informative ways.

LISTEN: “It’s just kind of nice to would be nice to I live in a smaller community where everybody kind of knows who they–who does this and why they live here. And you see people at these small town events like a spaghetti dinner, something like that. So it’s it’s nice to just meet other people who live around you.” (Adam, interview #3-2-19)

Further Resources

Want more resources on using programming to strengthen the community?  See Pathways to Belonging: Delight, and Youth Empowerment.