Rural Library Service & Social Wellbeing Project Teams

Research Team

Formed as a partnership between Southern Tier Library System, Pioneer Library System, and the New Mexico State Library, Cornell University’s Rick Bonney joined the team to guide methodology and assessment through all research phases.

Eli Guinnee

The State Librarian of New Mexico, Eli appreciates the cultural vitality and richness of even the most remote communities. His… Read More

Rick Bonney

Retired director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Public Engagement in Science Program and founding editor of the journal Citizen… Read More

Advisory Board

Bringing their experiences, talents, and skills to support project work, we cannot adequately thank our advisory board enough for their commitment.

Local Library Partners

These library leaders from eight US communities have built and continue to work with the research team to create useful tools from the project findings.

Pam Brown

Pam Brown is the Branch Manager of the State Line Public Library, Pine Forest Library System, Mississippi. Being a branch… Read More

Susan Green

Susan Green serves as library director for Jaquith Public Library in Marshfield, Vermont. Susan has lived in Vermont since 1971.… Read More

Kate Kosior

Kate Kosior is the library director at Clifton Community Library in Cranberry Lake, New York, her hometown library, where she… Read More

Southern Tier Library System (STLS), a cooperative public library system serving five counties in south western New York state, serves as the lead agency and home to Rural Library Service & Social Wellbeing. For more information on STLS research, education, and development initiatives, visit