Welcome!  The Pathways to Wellbeing project was created for and by rural librarians to fill a gap in community-based research and to create tools to turn information into action.  Rural libraries are doing incredible work, turning social connection into belonging, mutual support, and social wellbeing improvements.  This is the first of many tools to help you better understand your own deep value to your community, and areas you may want to focus on in the future.

This tool will:

  • Provide an overview of some key concepts illuminated by the research;
  • Examine the guiding principles of the Pathways to Wellbeing project; and
  • Look at the spectrum of approaches you can take when using the tools

How Familiar Are You with the Research?

How much you engage with the research itself is totally up to you.  We do recommend that you at least read the Findings Summary to better understand what these tools are based on.  

So what is involved in the research?  There are essentially four main ways to explore: 

  • Read the summary briefs: these are less than 10-page summaries from the research. They can be general or library practice specific.
  • Read the case studies: a look at social wellbeing impacts from the viewpoint of eight research locations.
  • Read the full academic papers: these are the most in-depth discussion of the research, and like the summaries can be general or library practice specific.
  • Explore the interviews: from interviewing over 200 people about their public library and rural community.
  • Use the data: we offer a few novel quantitative datasets for your use and the interview data as well.
  • Watch the webinars: there are five recorded webinars we have permission to embed here.

You can find all of these at www.rurallibraries.org/resources. There is no right or wrong to what you read or where you start, it is really up to you.